Pop Tarts: Angelina Freaks Out Seeing Herself Naked in 'Beowulf,' Calls Home to Explain

The millions upon millions of men (and many women) who wouldn’t mind seeing Angelina Jolie’s body in its barest form are in for a bonus — they can now get even closer to the "Beowulf" beauty thanks to the fact that her exposed flesh is all three-dimensional.

"I got a little shy — I really wasn’t expecting it to be as ... I didn’t expect ourselves to 'come out' as much," Jolie said at a press conference, referring to her nude scenes in the new flick "Beowulf."

"I didn’t expect it to feel as real and so, especially because of the type of character I play, it was funny at first and then there were certain moments where I felt actually shy and called home and just explained the kind of fun movie I had done that was digital animation was, in fact, a little different than I think they were expecting. So I was really surprised that I felt that exposed," she added.

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And it seems the screen siren is so sexy even as an animated mother that she was able to leave co-star John Malkovich without words.

"It’s PG-13, so at least I’m told there are things and adult themes on the Internet that may push the envelope quite a bit further than a PG-13, but we’ll see; I haven’t seen it yet," he told FOX at Monday’s star-studded premiere. "Of course, I’m excited to see Angelina on-screen … she’s …she’s talented."

However, co-star Ray Winstone wasn’t quite so excited to see the humanitarian hottie flashing her flesh in a cartoon creation.

"I don’t think there’s anything better than the real thing, to be quite honest with you," Winstone said. "But she [Jolie] is a beautiful girl, [a] great actress, you know?"

Of course, we know. And beau, Brad Pitt, doesn’t appear to be bothered by the buzz her bare body is causing. Pop Tarts popped the comely couple exiting the premiere hand-in-hand, even smiling at a stunned fan who nearly smacked right into them.

Halle Berry’s Beau Doesn't Want Baby Buzz

Pop Tarts' heart almost popped right out of our chest when we spotted Halle Berry’s boyfriend (and father of her budding baby) model Gabriel Aubry strutting into the Callaway Golf Foundation tournament to benefit the Entertainment Industry Foundation's cancer research programs on Monday morning.

But unlike Halle, who is more than happy to banter about her bubba, her boyfriend doesn’t seem so eager for daddy talk.

Gabriel chose not to chat and instead stuck to what he does best — posing for pictures.

"Gabriel has been turned off doing press; he just doesn’t want to answer questions about Halle and the baby," an event rep said. "He would rather not discuss it."

Halle, meanwhile, is talking plenty about her diabetes.

According to Health 24, Berry has managed to cure her own Type 1 diabetes and gradually wean herself off insulin since her diagnosis in 1989.

"I still have to be very careful with what I eat and not let my blood glucose levels to spike, especially now [that] I’m pregnant," Berry recently told FOX while promoting her latest flick, "Things We Lost in the Fire."

"But I do not wear a pump and basically I'm doing what I always did: eating a clean diet, staying away from sugar, monitoring my blood sugar every day."

But diabetics have bashed Berry for claiming that a change in diet could cure Type 1 diabetes, and doctors at ABC News say she must have been misdiagnosed. According to a 2005 interview, she said it was Type 2, not Type 1, all along.

Keira Knightley Hates You

Well, that’s the assumption as Keira Knightley seems to hate everything else.

In a recent interview in UK Elle magazine, the "Bend It Like Beckham" babe called herself a "moody bastard" and gave us a good insight into just some of the many things on her loathe list:

"What I hate is that they (tabloids) shove it in your face: This is what you want to be. And you think, f—- that. I don’t want it. Stop telling me I want to look like her. Stop telling me I want that life. I don’t."

"I’ve been banned from reading newspapers because the way they’re written angers me so much. If I want an opinion, I’ll read the opinion part of the newspaper. I do not want it when I’m trying to get the facts. I get incredibly angry. It really f—-s me off. See, I have to calm down about it.

"I hate cute, I’ve always hated cutesy. My mom used to ban the word 'cute.' Absolutely banned.

"I’m a total romantic — I love romantic films. But I hate being raped by sugar.

"I hate cell phones. It rings, and then I realize that I don’t want to talk to anyone. So I always press ignore."

Hmmm … sounds like Keira was having a bad day.

Randy Jackson Gets Randy Over 'Idol'

Despite that the carpet of the Big Apple’s "Angel Ball" to boost funds for cancer research was blessed by a bevy of beauties such as Ashanti, Petra Nemcova and Kelly Ripa last week, there was one big boy in particular who proved to be the most paparazzi popular.

"It's just really a great giveback and a great charity and I'm just so happy that it's still going on and people are trying to raise money," "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson told FOX over the excited screams from flocks of fans lining the streets.

"You know, my mom passed away from cancer about five or six years ago, so it's near and dear to my heart," he added.

And something else close to his hip-hoppin’ lil’ heart is, of course, the seventh season of "American Idol."

"We're ready. We'll be on the air. 'Idol,' come on, baby, come with it," he added excitedly.

And this year, it seems the worst on "Idol" have become so bad that they even inspired Jackson’s Halloween get-up.

"I guess I could always be a really bad San Diego person in costume," he said. "But, actually, I did think San Diego was amazing this time; I've never been there before and it was really, really good. There were a few places that were … well, let’s just say Philly was interesting. Omaha was interesting, Atlanta was interesting. Not bad."

And if you think Randy was only randy about rocking on one reality show, think again.

"I keep pretty busy — got a show coming out on MTV, a dance show. Got a record coming out in March," added the music mogul, "and just finished (producing) a Boyz II Men album coming out in about two weeks. Boyz II Men, journey back through the history of Motown. I make a lot of records."

And a lot of money, too, Mr. Jackson?

Kate Winslet Protecting Daughter From Weight Woes

U.K. actress Kate Winslet is determined not to let pound problems impact her 7-year-old daughter — and we aren’t talking the British currency kind.

The English beauty often has come under criticism due to her comely curves, so she's making sure her mini-me never feels those weight woes.

"I just have to keep praising my body and embracing my curves when Mia is around," Winslet told FOX on Thursday, when she was honored by the British Academy of Film for her acting.

"I want her to grow up totally content with everything God gave her and never feel fat or pressured to be anything she is not."

She may be OK with her body, but the two-time Oscar nominee has a hard time embracing the wonderful artist she is.

"As an actress I am quite insecure, but awards like this help to really boost you up," Winslet said on the carpet of the star-studded ceremony. "I think that acting is a really wonderful, wonderful thing to do with your life and at the same time it’s terrifying and it’s a hard thing to do."

Video: Click here to watch Kate's confession of confidence concerns

And is it possible that "The Holiday" hottie has even been faking it long after she was making it in the motion picture world?

"I really believe acting is sort of 50 percent skill and 50 percent confidence," she said. "So occasions like this, they definitely keep you going."

On the other hand, fellow honoree Denzel Washington doesn’t appear to have any issues with self-doubt.

"Are all actors insecure? Are all actors insecure? Who says that? Probably someone who got cut from a scene or something.

"I’m good, but I won’t get sick of people telling me, so, yeah, these honors are fun," he said. "I’ve already won, so it’s time to hang out with friends and colleagues and bring on the good times."

Usher Parties; Diaz Gets Down; Snoop's Diamonds

Oh, the sins of Sin City. Pop Tarts spent the weekend wandering the world’s sauciest "strip" where the good times just keep on groovin’.

And Usher told us he "wouldn’t want to party anywhere else."

"I’m excited just to be out and dance, have a few drinks and generally just have a good time. I’ll never forget what it was like to be lining up just trying to get into the clubs, so I want to make tonight the best for everyone," the hip-hop hottie told FOX before leaping into LAX at the Luxor in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

"Hey, I might be married now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to have a whole lot of fun," he added.

And let’s just say fun is kind of an understatement. Usher hung out on stage with his personal posse of protectors, management and a few other famous friends such as Babyface, Quincy Jones and Chris Tucker.

Together, the band of boys made very good use of the blinged-out bottle service brought by a few beautiful blondes who busted their booties across the VIP stage.

Meanwhile, magic man Criss Angel "disappeared" into the crowd, and even though he told Pop Tarts he and Usher were good friends, we didn’t spot any memories being made.

"LAX is a great place to just hang out and relax," Angel told us. "Sometimes I want to party hard and other times it's good just to keep it low-key, but I’m opening my own 'Mindfreak' bar inside LAX soon — it’ll be awesome. Are you going to come to the opening?"

Yes, Criss, we will be there. And guess what? Your former flame Cameron Diaz also was in town over the weekend.

"The Holiday" hottie has been on a working hiatus in Vegas while filming "What Happens in Vegas," and Pop Tarts popped her down the road on Saturday acting not so "Pure" at the popular Caesar’s Palace party place.

Diaz got down with co-star Rob Cordrry and "Will and Grace" veteran Eric McCormack, clearly enjoying the benefits of being the only bella in a bunch of guys with an unlimited amount of Grey Goose.

Well, that was until former Miss USA and perennial party girl Tara Conner twirled over to another table right beside Diaz — and true to Tinseltown, the two top hotties weren’t talking.

Meanwhile, if he didn’t have enough bling to bop with already, Snoop Dogg got a whole lot more dazzling at the MTV European Music Awards last Thursday.

Pop Tarts has been told the rapper rocked on with the first-ever Ritmo Persepolis Diamond watch valued at over $30,000. And what this "Doggystyle" diva wants, he gets.

"Snoop wanted something that really represented who he was, so they made him an exclusive that’s kind of hip-hop and high-class," our insider said. "I guess he was pretty happy with it."

Life sure is sweet when you’re a multimillion-dollar music mogul.

But the Dogg got barking big-time over the weekend when he was booted and banned indefinitely from the British Airways mile-high lounge. Snoop’s posse allegedly got punchy, and police officers were called.

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Strike Means All Play and No Work; Stepdad OK With Kim Kardashian in 'Playboy'

Now that Hollywood writers have pulled the plug on productions and gone ahead with a strike against the studios, the actors are left to lounge around and talk to Pop Tarts.

"It is a real worry with the writer’s strike happening, and I just hope that everything gets resolved soon. As much as I enjoy playing golf, I don’t know that I want to be doing it every day," said former "Party of Five" actor Scott Wolf. "So let’s get everybody what they want, shall we?"

Wolf was just one of the Hollywood types we nabbed Monday morning taking out his frustrations against professional golfers at the Callaway Golf Foundation tournament to benefit the Entertainment Industry Foundation's cancer research programs.

"It certainly is very interesting, very scary times. Nobody wants a strike," added former "O.C." star Peter Gallagher. "But these are very important issues and hopefully the process of negotiation and arbitration will work. I’d rather leave my golf game as it is."

Actor Richard Carn said the strike will "impact the industry in a huge way."

"There's not gonna be work; there's not gonna be scripts. We'll get more of those reality shows," he complained.

But it turns out that if you are a reality star, this may be your prime chance to outlive those 15 minutes…

"There is the strike coming up, so who knows? Maybe I will be asked to do extra episodes," said former boy band babe-turned-"Dancing With the Stars"-sensation Drew Lachey.

"The thing is my show is a reality show, so there are no writers, so in January I'll still go to work. But you’ve still got to support your union brothers. It's an unfortunate situation and hopefully they'll get it worked out very soon."

George Lopez also had an interesting take on the situation.

"If we need to kick some a—, I may fight. I think that the writers always suffer and the producers and the above-the-line people make the most money," he told us. "The thing is, it's almost like in any divorce — you don't know where the money is going. I will be supporting the writers and I will picket on a day that I'm not playing golf."

Meanwhile, Bruce Jenner, the "World’s Greatest Athlete" and now a reality star on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," poured out his heart to Pop Tarts about his stepdaughter Kim Kardashian appearing in Playboy.

"I went and watched Kim do her shoot for the magazine cover," Jenner revealed. "As a father, it is very strange to see your daughter doing something like that and I voted against her doing it. But we got through it and it turned out to be tasteful. It’s a huge honor for Kim and she is a very beautiful woman."

Buffy the Porn Princess? Sarah Michelle Gellar's Unlikely Role

Sarah Michelle Gellar — once the young star of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" — plays a political porn princess in Richard Kelly’s upcoming flick, "Southland Tales" alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and she seems quite satisfied with her down-and-dirty role.

"Looks can be deceiving," the squeaky-clean starlet told us. "My character doesn’t seem all that smart on paper, but she knows what she’s doing. She has branched out into many different aspects of fame and is very successful. That’s definitely quite inspiring."

So inspiring, in fact, that Sarah is joking about doing some more stripping.

"Oh, a porn sequel for sure," she said, giggling. "Many, many more on the way … with Dwayne directing."

And working alongside a former world-class wrestler also has given Gellar the go-ahead to punch people professionally.

"Sarah’s going into the sports world; she’s going into mixed martial arts — everybody better watch out," Johnson warned. "She’s already proven how talented she is in term of crossing over genres, so she is going to just keep rolling with it."

Video: Click here to watch our chat with Buffy and The Rock

But have these two stars actually made any productive personal changes since making a film centered around the world’s destruction?

Well, it turns out Gellar now drives a hybrid, but The Rock still rolls in a "2-ton pick-up."

"Southland Tales" also stars Justin Timberlake and Mandy Moore.

Backstreet’s Back With Britney

The Backstreet Boys are back in the beat-making business, and even though Kevin Richardson, a founding member of the '90s boy-band phenomenon, has walked the walk, the boys still proved to Pop Tarts that their pop prince personas are "Larger Than Life."

"We’re just excited, really excited," said Nick Carter at the Hollywood launch party of "Unbreakable" while grooving and goofing off with his band buds.

"It’s exciting; it’s young; it’s fresh. We’re a boy band. We’re proud of it and that’s what you’re going to get, good boy-band music."

And even though fellow crooner Britney Spears has been behaving bizarrely, the boys were more than happy to be back on the billboards the very same day as the Britster (who released her comeback album "Blackout" as well).

"No way, no reservations at all. It’s kind of embracing — I think it's cool," Carter said. "We come from the same era, the same type of music and the same label, and I think her music’s good and I think ours is good, too, so it’s fun."

Speaking of eras, are our rhythms really rockin’ back to the decade that brought us dial-up connections, "Titanic" and roller blades?

After all, Take That and Hanson harmonized their way back into the biz this year, and the Spice Girls also are set to provide fresh lyrics later this month.

"Pop music comes back every 10 years," Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough assured us. "Every 10 years it’s coming back."

In fact, Pop Tarts was lucky enough to hear a rendition of "As Long as You Love Me," which sounded just as sweet as it did in ‘97.

Video: Click here to watch

And we were somewhat surprised to see *NSYNC alumni J.C. Chasez pop out for the party.

"Oh, no, we were all friends. We also shook hands and hung out when we would run into each other," Chasez said.

Carter, however, made us wonder if things were so chummy in the battle of the boy bands back in the day…

"Oh, I’m taking him on right now, got a ring inside to settle it once and for all," he said. "No, it’s cool. There used to be some friendly competition between us, but now that the music industry has changed so much, it’s important we all bond together."

And if you want to see the Backstreet Boys, you just might be in luck.

"We’re touring everywhere — we’re starting off at the Tokyo Dome, two sold-out nights in February, and then from there probably the rest of Asia, then Australia, New Zealand, then South America and the rest of the world," Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean said while trying to keep a straight face as his boisterous band buddies kicked and chorused.

"Then we’re going to come back to the U.S., Canada. We’re also trying to hit places that we’ve never been like Dubai, Tel Aviv, Russia. We’re going everywhere next year."

Charlie Sheen Gets Mad at the Mags

In the wake of a report by "Life & Style" magazine that dueling exes Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards reached the mutual agreement to place their daughters in therapy to cope with the custody crisis, Sheen has hit back.

"The parties are still working toward a mutually acceptable confidential agreement. These discussions have included the issue of whether Charlie will select his own child-care providers," said Lance Spiegel, an attorney for the "Two and a Half Men" man. "Recently published reports regarding how that issue has been resolved are inaccurate."

A rep for Sheen also informed Pop Tarts that the lawyer told the mag on his client’s behalf prior to publication that is wasn’t true; however, "they chose not to print our response."

And according to a pal close to Charlie, the media circus is sending him over the edge.

"So many lies, so much is completely fabricated and made up," our inside source said. "Charlie is just totally fed up — it is about time these inside ‘sources’ who seem to know and tell everything are exposed."

Janet Jackson Reveals Her True Passions … But Music Misses the Cut

While Janet Jackson always will have room for some "Rhythm Nation" (and even is working on a new record), Pop Tarts has learned that over the years her love of lyrics has lost some of its sheen and, surprisingly, her true passion now centers on the screen.

"My first love is making movies; this is what I love doing, for sure," she told Pop Tarts while promoting her new nuptials-inspired flick, "Why Did I Get Married?"

"I love singing, don't get me wrong, it will always be part of my life … but this really is the No. 1 passion for me."

And bizarrely, Miss Jackson even has put doodling and dieting as her next priority and "Pleasure Principle." The super-slim superstar has spent several years battling the bulge but is turning her formula for a fantastic figure into a self-help book.

"It takes you through my journeys of weight loss and gain," she said. "It’s coming from my heart and soul and it is just my little story to tell and about my nutrition and how I’ve finally gotten to where I want to be."

Speaking of goals, getting hitched to her long-term lover, Jermaine Dupri, doesn’t look like it is on her romantic radar despite recent rumors of Jackson ringing in a new rock.

After two weddings and two divorces, the singer has her reservations.

"You grow and you learn, you live and learn and I forced myself to deal with a lot of the issues I had 'cause they kept resurfacing as I would suppress them," she told us. "But in both cases I had to get out. I no longer need a piece of paper; all I need is a spiritual commitment."

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