Pop Go the Weasels?

I want you to think about something for a second:

Jacques Chirac (search) could be on the way out of a job. Voters in France this weekend will likely defy him and reject a referendum on an European constitutional treaty he's been pushing for months.

Germany's Gerhard Schroeder (search) is all but considered not long for his job. He's called for early elections, but the polls look bad, because his economy looks even worse.

Suddenly the two central figures in the coalition against the coalition going into Iraq are in trouble — big trouble.

And what of the coalition figures they bashed?

Tony Blair (search) just won re-election in England, where the economy's booming. And so did John Howard (search) in Australia, where the economy's really booming.

Ditto, of course, President Bush in this country, where everything from productivity to real estate is still booming.

Iraq has nothing to do with any of this... maybe, save this.

A couple of years ago, when things started getting bad in Iraq, those who opposed being there said it would cost the economies and political fortunes of those who were there.

It appears — for now, of course — that the experts were wrong.

Just ask Tony, John or George. While you're looking at Jacques and that other guy... Gerhard.

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