Politicians and Power Outages

Dear Viewers,

We expect to be "back to normal" on our show tonight -- in other words, no technical problems tonight! Now that I have had a chance to step back and take a deep breath, I have had time to think about how amazing everyone at Fox was getting our show live on the air for two hours Thursday. To say it was a technical nightmare is understating it.

My only disappointment Thursday was Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton's (search) office. I called myself and left two messages with her PR person, Phillipe. I left a message on his cell phone and on his office phone, but he did not bother to call back. I had hope to have the senator call into our show so that I could get our viewers more information about what was going on for her constituents. While New Yorkers were without power to hear, many people in the U.S. have friends and family in New York State and were curious as to their safety.

As an aside, this has been a consistent problem I have had with Phillipe for the 18 months I have been at Fox.  I don't know if the senator is even aware of it -- you might want to call the senator's office and find out. In my frustration, I asked my staff to keep trying to get the senator on about the power problem. A call was placed again Monday morning.  I just heard from my staff that Phillipe called back the staffer and left a voice message saying that the senator is unavailable all week. I can't quite understand the unavailability at such an important time for New York and others. It seems to me that a quick phone call to our show is quite simple and a minor inconvenience. Perhaps you can help. You might want to call the senator's office at 202 224-4451 and tell her that we would still like to hear from her about the problems facing New Yorkers and others.  If you do call, please send an e-mail to ontherecord@foxnews.com telling me what was said to you in reply.

New York Governor Pataki on the other hand, was a real trooper! On Thursday, in the midst of statewide chaos, he immediately responded to our request and joined us by phone. This enabled us to ask him questions about what might have happened. He also shortly thereafter gave a news conference which we and others carried.


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