Political Correction Crackdown

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If you think the politically correct police have been cracking down hard in this country, you should try living in Canada. The province of Nova Scotia has proclaimed that words like “madman,” “fruitcake,” and “nutcase” discriminate against a certain section of their population and therefore should be eliminated from use.

The government office responsible for this edict has the Orwellian (search) name of the “Anti-Stigma/Discrimination Working Group.” The group’s proclamation has drawn criticism, but so has their method of eliminating usage of these words, because it employs the use of snitches.

Anyone snitching on media outlets that use the bad words will get “$2,000 in cash prizes.”  The communist governments of East Germany, North Korea and other totalitarian nations used similar rewards to encourage informers to turn in the politically incorrect -- those who dared utter critical words or phrases against Party members or Dear leaders. Of course, the totalitarians also used punishments, which so far the Canadians have decided not to employ.

One newspaper columnist has come up with a clever way to dispose of the plan: “I would urge any Nova Scotian reporters, disc jockeys, weather girls, etc … to use these expressions as often as possible.

"You'd have to be a nutcase to go out in this weather", etc - and then get their relatives to bankrupt the government's cash-reward budget.” http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jhtml?xml=%2Fopinion%2F2004%2F03%2F09%2Fdo0902.xml

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