Police Seek NBA Brawl Chair-Thrower

Police said Wednesday they have received some tips in their effort to determine who threw a chair during the brawl that broke out during last week's Pistons-Pacers (search) game.

The man has not yet been identified, but investigators continue to conduct interviews and follow up on tips, police in this Detroit suburb said.

On Tuesday, the department released a video showing a man in the crowd who is believed to have hurled the chair, which hit at least one person.

The fight among spectators and players broke out near the end of Friday's game after an on-court dispute over a foul. A fan hurled a drink at Pacers forward Ron Artest (search), who then charged into the stands and began beating a man he thought had done it.

Oakland County Prosecutor David Gorcyca (search) has said players and fans could be charged with misdemeanor assault and battery. The only possible felony charge currently under consideration would be against the chair-thrower.

The investigation could take two to three weeks, police said Tuesday. Investigators planned to continue to review videotapes and interview witnesses before issuing charges.