Police Search for George Michael Stalker

British police are searching for a woman suspected of breaking into the home of pop star George Michael (search).

Police said this week they were called to the singer's house in London's Hampstead neighborhood on Nov. 4 after reports of a break-in. The intruder had gone by the time they arrived.

In a similar incident on Oct. 27, a 28-year-old woman was found inside the mansion in possession of a book from the house, the Metropolitan Police said.

Police said Michael "did not wish to pursue the burglary matter, but reported harassment from the same woman."

The suspect was given a warning and released, police said. She was arrested again near the house later the same day, given an official warning for harassment and released.

Former Wham! (search) star Michael recently claimed a female fan had hidden under the floorboards of his house for four days last year.