Police Release Tapes in Teacher Sex Case

Police released audio tapes Thursday of phone calls between a teacher and a 14-year-old student she is accused of raping.

In the calls, Debra LaFave (search) speaks with the boy about the affair they were allegedly having and the student expresses concerns that the middle school teacher might be pregnant. Police were also releasing DNA evidence as part of the public record of the case.'

LaFave, speaking in a childish voice, asks the boy, "Are you OK?" The victim says, "I'm a little worried." Most of the victim's portion of the tape is inaudible, but a discussion about condom use follows.

Toward the end, LaFave tells the student, "I don't want you lying to your mom" and then asks him to make a "pinky promise." LaFave repeats her request and the boy agrees and after being asked, says, "Pinky promise."

The following is a partial transcript of the tapes made available to FOX News:

Boy: I'm a little worried though...

LaFave: Why?

Boy: I just didn't want to get you pregnant or anything. I was just thinking about it ... how we've had sex about three times and I should've used like a condom or something

LaFave: Ewww, you're being weird

Boy: So what time are you planning on heading over?

LaFave: Are you sure? Like, I just feel, I mean I don't want you lying to your mom, I mean it's like

Boy: No it's alright, she's (inaudible) all day.

LaFave: Are you sure?

Boy: yeah

LaFave: promise?

Boy: Yes

LaFave: Pinky Promise?

Boy: yes

Mike Sinacor, the prosecutor in the case, told FOX News that the calls — said to be made by the boy at the request of authorities probing the allegations — could be useful in determining LaFave's state of mind. LaFave is expected to use the insanity defense when the case goes to trial in April.

Her attorney said that two doctors have evaluated the 24-year-old over the past several months and have also examined medical records.

Attorney John Fitzgibbons said she had some "profound emotional issues that are not her fault."

LaFave was arrested in June on charges of committing lewd or lascivious battery (search) on a person younger than 16. She faces similar charges in Marion County.

LaFave has been suspended from her teaching job and her husband filed for divorce in August.

FOX News' Orlando Salinas and The Associated Press contributed to this report.