Police Officer, Airport Workers Save Flight 5191 Survivor

A policeman and two airport security workers who reached the burning wreckage of Comair Flight 5191 pulled the plane's first officer from the wreckage but could not get to anyone else, police said Sunday.

The flight's first officer, James M. Polehinke, was the only survivor of the deadly crash that killed 49 people.

He was taken to University of Kentucky Hospital for lifesaving surgery and was in critical condition.

Officer Bryan Jared was injured as he worked with the two airport security officers, Lexington police Chief Anthony Beatty said Sunday. He later was able to return to the scene.

"It was therapeutic for [Jared] to come back to the scene," Beatty said.

The plane was found in a field just beyond a 3,500-foot runway not typically used by commercial planes. The other 49 others aboard the plane mostly died from the fire, Fayette County Coroner Gary Ginn said.

Comair President Don Bornhorst confirmed the first officer's identity and said the company had talked with their families. He said Polehinke had been with Comair since 2002.