Police, Haz-Mat Seal Off Arizona Home After 3 Children Mysteriously Sickened

Three young Glendale children were hospitalized Tuesday after they became ill at their home.

Glendale fire haz-mat crews sealed off the home following the incident, and police later searched it after getting a search warrant.

The parents say the three boys — two 5-year-olds and a 3-year-old — apparently got into some antidepressant pills and that's what made them sick. Officials say the three are expected to be fine.

Glendale police spokesman Officer Matt Barnett says officers located some drugs inside the home along with weapons.

Four dogs were also found in the home and were taken away by animal control.

Police describe the conditions inside the home as horrible.

Fire officials say a woman said she discovered the children were ill when she awoke late this morning. She took them to a fire station in their neighborhood, and then firefighters transported them to the hospital.

The children reportedly were having difficulty breathing and also appeared to have a rash.

Fire officials say there also were three adults in the home but they didn't have any of the symptoms.

No charges have been filed.