Police: Drunk Man Falls Asleep on Train Tracks, Loses Arm, Asks for a Drink

A Van Buren man fell asleep on a railroad track and lost his right arm to a passing train early Wednesday morning, Fort Smith police said.

Officers found Bobby Joe Medlin, 31, covered in blood and sitting on a nearby porch, police Sgt. Jarrard Copeland said. Medlin initially asked officers for a glass of water before they realized his arm had been severed up to his shoulder.

Paramedics took Medlin to a nearby hospital. A firefighter found Medlin's arm about an hour later and transported it to the hospital. However, doctors there said the arm was too damaged to be reattached to Medlin's shoulder.

Copeland said Medlin was involved in a car crash and checked himself out of a hospital against medical advice hours before losing his arm. Medlin's brother also called police, asking officers to look for him.

Copeland said Medlin had a high level of alcohol in his system when admitted to the hospital.