Police Dispute Mars Dem Convention Plans

The Democratic National Convention (search) this summer was supposed to showcase the best of Boston, not air its dirty laundry.

However, convention plans have been plagued by problems — the latest unfolding right in front of the convention site, the FleetCenter (search). Boston officials and one of its police unions are stalled in negotiations, and that's holding up construction at the site of next month's meeting.

The dispute centers around a two-year-old request by some cops for a 17 percent pay raise. The mayor says 11.9 percent is enough.

"The mayor is pulling in all kinds of money for this Democratic National Convention. We want a little piece of the pie," said one police officer who has gone on strike to protest the offer.

The strike is not just bad public relations for the city, it's a money hole. Union contractors, like steel workers and delivery men, are refusing to cross the picket line, thereby freezing construction and costing the city $100,000 a day in delays.

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