Police Monday captured a man and woman responsible for the execution-style killing of two employees at the pizza shop where the man used to work.

Jason Bobo, 21, was found hiding in the attic at a home north of downtown Nashville, officers said.

Later Monday, police spokesman Don Aaron said authorities also arrested 18-year-old Crystle Rutherford.

Police said both Bobo and Rutherford gave full confessions and were each charged with two counts of criminal homicide.

Bobo admitted shooting Chris Caris, 33, and Josh Cole, 18, in the backs of their heads Friday night in an apparent robbery at Bellacino's restaurant. He had been fired at the restaurant in May for theft.

Bobo told police he targeted Bellacino's for robbery because of his familiarity with its layout and operation. He did not, however, give an explanation for the killings, except for acknowledging that Caris could have identified him because they had worked together, police said.

"The surveillance system was of great help in identifying Bobo. Witnesses have come forward, have looked at a photo lineup, and we believe Bobo was the gunman," Aaron told reporters.

"The surveillance video clearly shows us those hardworking young men were executed. There was absolutely no provocation whatsoever for harming them."

Police said Rutherford admitted being the second robber and Bobo's accomplice.

Caris died on the floor of the pizzeria office; Cole was shot as he lay face down on the kitchen floor.

Caris was the manager at the Bellacino store west of downtown Nashville and Cole an employee. The store is a mile east of Interstate 40, near Nashville State Technical Institute.

Bobo has lived previously in Memphis where he was arrested in July 2006 for marijuana possession.

Misty Judd, 30, was also taken into custody and charged with hindering authorities as they searched for Bobo, who gave up after 15 minutes of talks with police.

Authorities were still looking for two other accomplices in Haywood County in West Tennessee.