Pointing Fingers at Fingerprinting

So now it seems a lot of foreign countries are upset with our new fingerprinting and photographing security setup at U.S. airports.

Brazil calls it intrusive and is now doing the same to Americans coming into that country.

Scores of Middle Eastern nations says it discriminates against them.

Civil liberties activists call it intrusive and compromises our freedoms.

Well, here's a news flash to all of you: Get over it.

I'd rather compromise a little freedom here in the U.S. than compromise my life flying over the U.S.

And a news flash to critics abroad who say we're targeting them: No, we're looking out for those who target us.

You might recall we lost 3,000 innocent people a couple of years back, because we didn't check, didn't analyze and didn't question.

Well, now we are checking and we are analyzing and we are questioning. And for many, that's going to be an inconvenience. Well, too bad. Those who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear.

Flying is fundamentally different now than it used to be. That's a fact. Realize it and move on. And if you want to do the same to Americans coming into your country, have at it.

It's not as if flying hasn't become a hassle anyway. Most Americans, most folks in the world, would put up with a little more to feel a little safer.

Perhaps had some of you foreigners had terrorists fly planes into your buildings, you wouldn't be giving us your attitude. But you didn't and now you are.

It's a cold, cruel, nasty world out there. We were late to discover that in this country. It's amazing you still can't fathom it in yours.

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