Planet of the Apes, 'Ahnold' and Maria, and Britney Spears in the oops we did it again glare of The Foxlight.

Forget those stories about Planet of the Apes not being ready to roll this Friday — those bloody rumors aren't true. Foxlight saw the film this weekend and chatted with the cast and director Tim Burton.

For the record, they only shot one ending, they didn't reshoot the opening two weeks ago, and there never was any hot monkey Love Connection scene with human Mark Wahlberg and ape Helena Bonham Carter. And a sequel? Wahlberg says if Burton's in, he'll go ape one more time. And about the ending of this one? Don't ask.

What does Maria Shriver think of husband Arnold's taste in pocketbooks? Not much. The pair were spotted browsing recently at a pricey Cape Cod gift shop when Schwarzenegger picked one out. Maria passed but maybe it was the message the handbag conveyed. The store sells purses made out of old cigar boxes. Apparently Maria wears the pants but won't wear the stogies in the family.

And finally, "Britney Spears — the Kojak Years"? Yep, Britney's mother Lynne is afraid her mega star daughter may soon be "un-locked". The stage mom tells Bop magazine Britney gets so many rinses she's afraid her daughter will go bald before she's 20. Oops.