Phony Friends — Phonier Countries

I remember once having this friend -- at least he was someone I thought was a friend.

To my face, he couldn't have been nicer, or funnier. But apparently, he acted a little differently behind my back. Mocking my work, mocking my show, mocking this network.

He was stupid enough to think it wouldn't get back to me. And I was stupid enough to think he couldn't have been the guy saying it. I was wrong.

He kind of reminds me of Saudi Arabia. Let me explain.

Saudi Arabia claims it's a staunch U.S. ally and friend.

Yet just this past weekend we learned the Saudis are barring oil firms -- mostly U.S. firms -- from key gas fields in the country. That business alone could have been worth up to $25 billion. Gone.

I guess we shouldn't be surprised.

After all, the Saudis have already made it clear they will not participate in any attack on Iraq, even though they were begging us to help them a decade ago.

And they are not exactly grease lightening when it comes to fighting terrorism. They have yet to respond to terror victims' families, eager to learn why 15 of those 19 hijackers were Saudi and what other connections to Riyadh might be out there.

So, how many times do we have to get knocked over the head, before we have a V8 moment and say, "Hey, that ain't nice."

Well, if the U.S. is like me, it's gonna take a while.

My biggest weakness is that I'm way too trusting and way too gullible when it comes to friends who say they are friends when they're not.

This time, I'd like our country to be tougher than I am.

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