Pennsylvania Professor Charged With 3 DUIs in 8 Days

Prosecutors on Thursday asked a judge to jail a computer science professor who was charged with drunken driving three times in eight days, because they are afraid he might harm himself or someone else.

Carnegie Mellon University professor Jeffrey Hunker, 51, of Pittsburgh, was arrested for driving under the influence three times between Aug. 17 and Sunday.

In the first case, police said Hunker drove through a neighbor's yard, ran over a small tree and hit a house.

In the second, Hunker was seen at the wheel of his heavily damaged car. A police officer pulled him over and said Hunker failed a field sobriety test and a blood alcohol test.

The third arrest came Sunday after someone called police to report that Hunker was suicidal. By the time an officer arrived, Hunker had driven off in a new BMW. Police tracked him down and he was arrested after admitting he had consumed a pint of vodka.

Hunker did not return messages left by The Associated Press.

The Allegheny County District Attorney on Thursday filed a bond-revocation motion, which a judge will hear Friday morning, prosecutors' spokesman Mike Manko said.

Prosecutors asked the judge to jail Hunker at least until a preliminary hearing Sept. 9, because he is suicidal and a danger to the community, Manko said. The judge on Thursday added a condition to Hunker's bond that bans him from driving, so police can take him into custody if he violates it, Manko said.

Hunker was computer security director in the Clinton administration before he was hired as dean of Carnegie Mellon's H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management in 2001.

Hunker took personal leave as dean, and was replaced by Mark Wessel, who resigned earlier this month over questions about a master's degree awarded to a student.

Carnegie Mellon University officials have not commented on Hunker's status, citing personnel rules.