A Pennslyvania firefighter was suspended without pay for refusing to remove an American flag sticker from his locker, Myfoxphilly.com reported.

James Krapf of Chester, Pa., violated a department policy that states personal items can only be posted inside employee lockers when he stuck the flag on the outside. According to Myfoxphilly.com, the firefighters' union warned 11 others to remove personal items or face similar suspensions, all without pay.

The initial ban came after an incident in which some firefighters complained about a cartoon posted in the firehouse that they found racially offensive.

Krapf was suspended Thursday, and so far is the only firefighter to be hit with the penalty.

"I shouldn't have to remove the flag of the country I believe in. I love my country," Krapf told Myfoxphilly.com. "I love my job. I love helping people. I've been doing this 11 years in the City of Chester, so this is something I love to do."

Krapf said he wants to meet with the fire commissioner and the mayor to discuss the issue. The fire commissioner told local media outlets that banning all materials from locker doors was the simplest way to avoid bickering among the staff.

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