Pennsylvania Boy, 11, Accused of Murdering Dad's Pregnant Fiancee May Return to Adult Jail

An 11-year-old Pennsylvania boy who allegedly killed his father's pregnant fiancee may return to regular jail due to the cost of housing him at a juvenile detention center.

Jordan Brown has been charged as an adult for allegedly killing Kenzie Marie Houk, 26, and her unborn baby boy.

Beaver County solicitor Myron Sainovich said it will cost about $4,500 a week to keep Brown in the juvenile center, The Associated Press reported.

The county wants to move Brown to an secluded area of the Beaver County Jail at a cost of $1,400 a week.

Brown was taken to a juvenile detention center Wednesday after a judge ruled the facility could better meet his needs.

The facility is located in Beaver County, near where the murder occurred.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.