Actor Patrick Swayze opens up about his cancer and his regrets in a new biography hitting bookstores Tuesday.

Written by Wendy Leigh, “Patrick Swayze: One Last Dance,” explores his reaction to the painful revelation that he was suffering from pancreatic cancer, as well as his regrets over failing to realize that he was sick until it was nearly too late.

According to a report in the New York Daily news, Swayze said that by New Years Eve 2007, when a glass of champagne "felt like acid on an open wound" in his stomach, he took “an objective look at his body and at last confronted the truth that he had inexplicably dropped 20 pounds without even trying.”

The weeks after his official diagnosis in 2008 were “a nightmare from which he and [his wife] Lisa knew they couldn’t wake up,” but the “Ghost” star pushed on, filming 12 episodes of the A&E drama “The Beast,” all without pain-killers.

Still, despite hope for his future and an unwavering determination, the actor does admit he has some regrets.

“My big regret is the physical damage I’ve done to my body,” he says. “I can do almost anything physically and I used to believe I was invincible, breaking bones over and over, playing football, doing gymnastics, doing my own stunts … it all seems a little stupid to me now.”

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