Parting Thoughts on the World Series

Tonight in Phoenix, Arizona, baseball history:  Game seven of the World Series.  The two best pitchers in baseball, Roger Clemens and Curt Schilling, will square off in one game to decide the world championship.  Never before have fans seen this kind of match-up in this kind of situation.

The two teams couldn't be more different.  The most successful franchise in sports, the New York Yankees, is attempting to win its 39th title in 80 years.  The four-year-old Arizona Diamondbacks are making their first trip to the fall classic.  It's the Rust Belt versus the Sun Belt; the old lions versus the upstart.

One other first, each professional sports league -- baseball, basketball, football and hockey -- is in action today.

That welter of competition provides a perfect tonic for a season soured by terrorists.  It reminds us that we Americans love to play because we love life.  We work hard, we play hard, and we root hard for our favorite teams.  So let's enjoy.

And by the way, I'd be flacking the game even if it weren't on Fox, but it is.  Stay tuned for that game today, and stay tuned to Fox News Channel and this station for the latest on the war on terror.

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