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TONY SNOW, HOST:  I won't be cheering Timothy McVeigh's execution for a straight-
forward reason.  I believe life is sacred and that to compromise the principle, even for a punk like McVeigh, can place at risk the rights of innocent people, especially the weak and powerless, whose rights to life might seem dispensable to somebody.  But that's a debate for another day.

The important point today is that many of us are missing the point.  When reporters cover McVeigh's last meal and last phone call and last book and last walk and last words, it places him at center stage and all but ignore the spreading circle of his victims. 

One hundred sixty-eight people died in McVeigh's blast.  With each new day their families' agony grows both deeper and duller.  Sure, memories fade, but love and longing never go away.  The survivors deserve our consideration and prayers, for, in this horrible matter, they, not the man who wrecked their lives, are the ones who truly matter. 

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