Parting Thoughts

TONY SNOW, HOST:  The Cambridge, Massachusetts, jury pronounced sentence Friday in a case that struck home with many parents. 

Thomas Junta could spend up to 25 years in prison for the involuntary manslaughter of youth hockey coach Michael Costin.  Junta, a hockey father, accused Costin last spring of permitting too much violence in practices.  The two men traded punches, and Costin died. 

Now, it's hardly novel to point out that some adults lose their minds when it comes to kids sports, but the trend seems to be worsening.  Baby-boomer moms and dads have developed the awful habit of trying to program their children's lives, from the selection of preschools through a rigorous schedule of extra-curricular activities, culminating in admission to a prestigious university, followed by wealth and comfort. 

This is a cheap way to avoid tougher parental chores, such as loving, teaching and sharing kids' growing pains, and it ignores the fact that you can't script life.  Values help kids get through tough times, and youngsters learn by watching.

So if mom and dad go bonkers over trivial matters, how on earth are the children supposed to develop perspective when they become parents?

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