Paris Hilton to Have Easy Time Accessorizing With Ankle Monitor

Paris Hilton's electronic monitoring ankle bracelet is, like, so hot.

The celebutante may have had to don an orange jumpsuit in the pokey, but under house arrest at her Hollywood Hills mansion, the heiress will look much like her fashionable old self.

How's that? Because bracelets are "in" this season, fashion experts say.

"It's like chunky cuffs, multistrands, chains, that kind of thing," said Laurita Shields, the associate fashion editor at Women's World. "Tons of bangles, mixing, so you can wear golds and silver or some have jewels on them."

Wearing her "leg candy," as Shields put it, Hilton will join the ranks of cuff-loving stars like Drew Barrymore, who sports the jewelry on both arms.

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Cleo Glyde, the style director for Marie Claire, says Hilton should take a nod from Wonder Woman and double up on the cuffs with some bracelets by Lia Sophia.

"They're sort of Keith Richards does Joan Crawford," she said. "They've got a deco flavor, but they're big and they're clunky and they're rock and roll."

And to turn that sad anklet into something fabulous, Glyde said, Hilton should make the monitoring device a charm bracelet. She suggested fishbone, martini glass and Playboy bunny baubles.

"Just very trashy L.A.," Glyde said. "And maybe some of the shrunken heads of all her boyfriends."

Paris shouldn't worry about bathing with her bracelet, Shields said. Lots of people get by wearing their leg jewelry in the shower.

"They keep it on the whole season," she said.

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Forty days of captivity in her 2,700-square-foot mansion and its poolside environs present a rare opportunity for Hilton to serve her time fashionably, Glyde said.

"The thing that's fascinating about celebrities in court is that for once the red carpet and the law merge," she said. "Even Pamela Anderson wore like a very modest suit when she went to court when she had charges up against Tommy Lee."

In 2005, Martha Stewart dressed up her electronic monitoring anklet with the help of gold clogs.

Hilton should take the opportunity to play the martyr aka the lady with the veil, Glyde said, suggesting somber Donna Karan suits with satin headbands or maybe a shock of electric blue.

"I would do 'I'm in court even though I'm at home,' just as a sort of a nod to the judge," Glyde said. "The minute she's out of house arrest, I'm sure she's going to default to micro minis and slash cleavage."

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