Paris HIlton 'Still In Love' With Benji Madden

Paris Hilton is the queen of break-ups.

On Ryan Seacrest's KIIS F.M radio program Friday, the hotel heiress denied reports that she had dumped boyfriend Benji Madden, and went one step further, saying she was "still in love with him."

"You know, I love him," she told Seacrest. "He's such an amazing man and he's my best friend and he's been so great to me and so loyal. We'll always be very close. We'll see what happens in the future."

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Hilton, 27, said their busy travel schedules were to blame, and that the separation was a mutual decision.

"This was a decision we made together as two adults," she said. " Right now we are just taking a break."

(And if you watched "Friends," you know what "taking a break" means.)

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Hilton has been seen out every night since the couple's split, but denies she's looking for another man. She and Madden, 29, had dated for nine months before this week's unfortunate turn of events.