A group of parents reportedly have pulled their children out of a California elementary school after alleging it's unsafe because one student was suspended for a "kill list" and another for making sexually violent threats against classmates.

The parents said their children were traumatized by the series of events that began on May 13, when a third-grader was suspended for three days and sent home to his mother — who is a convicted sex offender, according to CalCoastNews.com.

Upon his return, the boy allegedly blamed other students for his suspension and a beating he claimed to have received as result. Parents say the child threatened to shove foreign objects into his classmates' rectums or vaginas, CalCoastNews.com reported.

The boy was then given a half day in-office suspension and sent back to his class until May 20, when he was moved to another classroom of second- and third-graders after parents complained, the Web site reported.

Meanwhile, sources told CalCoastNews.com, on May 14, the school found a fourth-grader’s list of people he said he wanted to kill, as well as a visual depiction of one student's death. That child remained in class with students named on his hit list until May 20, when he was finally suspended.

Parents also took issue with the fact that the third-grader's mother was still allowed at school functions even though she'd been convicted of committing lewd acts against children under 14, CalCoastNews.com reported.

Several parents said they intend keep their children home until the school can assure their safety, despite alleged threats from the principal to turn them in for truancy, the site said.

"Our first and foremost goal is the safety of our students," Atascadero Unified School District Superintendent John Rogers told CalCoastNews.com.

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