Parents Broke Newborn's Bones in Tug-of-War Fight, Court Documents Show

A couple accused of abusing their newborn son pleaded not guilty on Friday while court documents revealed an incident where they pulled the child in a tug-of-war style fight.

Jaden Spears, a seven-week-old newborn, remains at a children's hospital recovering from broken bones all over his body, including fractures to his legs, feet, ribs and an arm.

Todd Spears appeared in court to face attempted murder, aggravated battery, neglect of a dependent and battery to a child charges. Simone Hamilton is charged with neglect and battery.

"No baby should have to go through this," said Charles Lovett, the baby's great uncle.

Hamilton admitted to police that she fought over the baby with Spears.

"She grabbed the baby under the arm," said Helen Marchal, Marion County prosecutor's chief of staff. "Spears grabbed the baby at the feet. They actually kind of did a tug-of-war with the child as a rope."

Spears faces up to 50 years in prison and Hamilton faces up to 23 years.

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