Pamela Anderson's Biography

Pamela Denise Anderson was born July 1, 1967, in Ladysmith, British Columbia, to Barry and Carol Anderson.

The year 1967 was Canada's centennial, and as the first baby born that day, Pam was named the country's "Centennial Baby" and given her first taste of fame.

Pamela graduated from Highland Secondary School in 1985. In 1988 she moved to Vancouver and worked as a fitness instructor.

In 1989 Pamela went to a football game with friends, and she was caught on the big screen. The crowd cheered for her, and she was brought onto the field and got a standing ovation.

Pam had been wearing a Labatt's beer T-shirt at the game, and the company offered her a modeling contract. She accepted, and soon posters of her were all over Canada.

Later that year, Pam posed for Playboy and decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue modeling.

Once in L.A., Pam dyed her hair blond and got breast implants. In 1991 she landed a role on the television show "Home Improvement." This garnered national attention, which got her the role of C.J. Parker on "Baywatch" in 1992.

In 1995, Pamela married rocker Tommy Lee of Motley Crue after knowing him for only 96 hours. Pam and Tommy have two sons: Brandon and Dylan.

There were reported incidents of spousal abuse and alcoholism by Lee, and the couple divorced twice and reconciled twice. There was a lengthy custody battle over the couple's two children, but it has seemingly been reconciled with the two sharing custody.

During their marriage, an infamous pornographic tape featuring Pam and Tommy was stolen from their home and became a huge attraction on the Internet. The couple sued the Internet Entertainment Group, which was distributing the video, and were awarded $1.2 million plus attorney fees in the case.

A second porn tape involving Pam also reached the Internet, although this one was with singer Bret Michaels of "Poison." This tape was made before the Tommy Lee tape.

Since her divorce, Pam was briefly engaged to model Marcus Shenkenburg in 2001.

Pam has also been romantically linked to numerous other stars, including Fred Durst, Scott Baio, Dean Cain and Sylvester Stallone.

In 1996, Pam starred in the film, "Barb Wire," which wasn't a commercial success. Sadly, she also suffered a miscarriage during filming. In 1997, Pam was a guest host for "Saturday Night Live." In her opening monologue, she went into an impromptu striptease, to which censors quickly responded by blurring the sensitive areas.

In 1998, Pamela got her own television series, "V.I.P.," which was poorly received by critics. The next year Pamela had her breast implants removed, which stunned the world. She said that she wanted to focus less on modeling and more on raising her children. However, her audience was large enough for the show to last four seasons, until it was cancelled in 2002.

In March 2001, a woman named Christine Evelyn Roth was caught sleeping in a guest room in Pamela's house and was charged with trespassing. She pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, but was not charged for stalking.

In early 2002, Pamela started on the animated series "Stripperella," a stripper/superhero character created by famed comic artist Stan Lee. She also began writing a column for Jane magazine.

The same year, Anderson publicly revealed that she had contracted Hepatitis C. She claimed she contracted it from ex-husband Tommy Lee due to sharing tattoo needles, though he denies having the disease. Pamela then became the spokeswoman for the American Liver Foundation.

In 2004, Pam posed naked on the cover of Playboy, her first time appearing naked on a magazine cover. In May 2004, Pam became a naturalized citizen of the United States, while still retaining her Canadian citizenship so she could sponsor her mother for a green card.

The same year, Pam released her first novel, "Star," about a young girl trying to become famous. In 2005 she released a second book, "Starstruck," a look at celebrity life.

In 2005 Pamela confessed to the public that she had gotten new breast implants, which were even larger than the ones she had removed in 1999. She stated that she didn't feel like herself without them. Later that year, Pamela launched a new sitcom, "Stacked," about a party girl who gets a job in a bookstore.

In 2006 Pamela received her own star on the Canada Walk of Fame. While there, Pamela shared a public kiss with professional wrestler Trish Stratus, which quickly became Internet fodder for fans of the two sex symbols.

Pam is also a dedicated animal rights activist and spokeswoman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. She's received several awards and spoken on behalf of different animal causes. Most recently, she's spoken out against the annual seal hunt in Canada and called for a boycott of KFC.

On July 29, 2006, Pam married her on-again, off-again boyfriend rocker Kid Rock on a yacht in St. Tropez. Pam wore a white bikini and sailor's hat for the ceremony. The couple also had several other ceremonies in different locations.

In November 2006, it was announced that Pam suffered a miscarriage while on location in Vancouver.

Also in November, Pam appeared in the hit film, "Borat." In the film, the main character, Borat, falls in love with Pam after seeing her in a "Baywatch" rerun, and travels across America in order to find her and marry her.

On Nov. 27, 2006, Kid Rock and Pam both filed divorce papers seeking to end their marriage of less than four months. Both parties cited "irreconcilable differences."

On Dec. 14, 2007, Pamela filed for divorce from Rick Salomon, co-star of the Paris Hilton sex tape, after only two months of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences. She then said they were reconciling.


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