So many of us feel overwhelmed at the prospect of painting our homes, but Home Depot spokesman Mike Cartozzo breaks in down into simple steps!

You can transform a room with just a change in color or an accent of diamonds or stripes. Even the most novice painter can follow these directions, and be left with a great sense of accomplishment. Here's how:

Prep for Painting

• Remove all electrical cover plates

• Pull off dimmer knobs

• Cover the switches and receptacles with blue painter's masking tape

• Remove all furniture or group it in the center of the room and cover it with a drop cloth

• Tape surfaces such as window casings, which should not be painted

• Tape off baseboards and other molding and trim

• Sand, if necessary. Remove loose dust with a tack cloth


• 12-inch baseboard tape: You will want to protect the baseboard with 12-inch baseboard tape. For complete floor coverage, put a drop cloth under the masking

• 2-inch painter's tape: If you are painting the ceiling, tape off the tops of the walls before you paint, then wait 24 hours before you tape the ceiling. If you are not painting the ceiling, tape off the edge of the ceiling with a 2-inch painter's tape

• How to put tape on the walls:

– Firmly press the edge of the tape as close to the corner or line that separates one surface from another. Avoid stretching tape

– Run a plastic tool quickly along the edge to set and seal the tape to the surface. For greater spatter protection, leave the other edge of the tape sticking out. Don't press it tightly against the surface

• Tape removal:

– Use a modest speed. Excessive speed may cause tearing or surface damage

– Remove at a 45 degree angle, pulling the tape back on itself

Vertical stripes

• Paint wall base color first

• Start by planning stripe. The width of stripe can vary so they fit perfectly on each wall. For example, if painting a 6-inch stripe on a 12-foot wall you would have twenty-four 6-inch stripes. If the wall was 10 feet 5 inches you could make each stripe 6 ¼ inches so you would have perfectly even stripes

• Using a laser level can help keep your tape lines straight

• Measure horizontally across the wall

• Draw vertical lines

• Tape off lines.

– Place a small piece of painter's tape in the middle of the stripes you are not painting.

• Paint stripe color

Horizontal stripes

• Paint wall base color first

• Paint widest stripe second

• Paint narrow stripes last

Diamond Pattern

• Use a diamond pattern template:

– Use something that will not change shape as you trace (i.e. tile or wood)

• Measure off diamonds:

– Determining diamond width and mark vertical lines

– Determining diamond height and mark off horizontal lines

– Mark diamond points

• Tape off alternate diamonds

• Paint first set of diamonds let dry then paint second set diamonds


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