P. Diddy, Mick Jagger, Sting, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Cameron Diaz

P. Diddy, Mick Jagger, Sting, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Cameron Diaz in the harsh glow of The Foxlight.

P. Diddy or didn't he? Yep, Sean Puffy Combs did a "full monty" for a private wedding party the other night in Miami. He was in his penthouse next to a hotel courtyard and started tossing clothes out on his balcony for the strangers below to enjoy. The crowd kept goading him and he ended the peep show with more than a peep of his Puffiness. Little too much time on your hands, Puffster?

Want more celebrity stripping and teasing? One photographer says she was shooting Mick Jagger and he was doing a Full Monty sort of striptease until he got to his pants. Then he looked at her as if to say, "Do I really have to take them off?" He didn't.

Sting, on the other hand, has no shame. He had no qualms when asked he stripped down to just his high-tops. The new book is called Starlet: Photographs From Hollywood.

Finally, Ah-nold isn't stripping his salary for Terminator 3. He's getting a bicep popping $30 million. Sounds too cheap? Don't worry, he's also getting a piece of the gross. "Ma-wee-uh, we are evun wicher now. Humvees for ev-wee-one."

And Cameron Diaz can get some more Pradas. Her return to another Charlie's Angels has producers kicking in $20 million. If the other two angels get the same thing doubtful that would bring just the salaries to $60 million. Was the first one that good or just a goof?