The news that is not White House approved...

The World Speaks

General McChrystal is receiving an outpouring of support for the counterinsurgency strategy. The New York Times notes that at a NATO meeting last week in Slovakia, NATO defense ministers took the opportunity to back the general's plan for victory in Afghanistan.

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said, "I have noted a broad support from all ministers of this overall counterinsurgency approach."

The U.N. special representative for Afghanistan also voiced her support for the McChrystal strategy, arguing that, "Additional troops are required. This cannot be a U.S.-only enterprise."

I guess the only one still up in the air is President Obama. Did you ever think you'd see a day when the NATO-backed American war plans before our own commander in chief? I never thought I'd see the day.

Pointing the Finger

The swine flu outbreak which the president last week declared a national emergency has led to a severe shortage of the H1N1 vaccine. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said that the vaccine is just coming off the production lines, well, a little bit slower than anticipated. Oops.


KATHLEEN SEBELIUS, SECRETARY OF HHS: The production is slower than we would have hoped at this point. And we are pushing it out as quickly as we can.


Democrats seem to be pretty understanding about this disaster. Oddly I recall them reacting quite a bit differently when flu vaccines ran short back in 2004, but then again, we had a Republican president. Bob Shieffer put this question to Senator John Kerry in the third presidential debate.


BOB SHIEFFER, MODERATOR: Suddenly we find ourselves with a severe shortage of flu vaccine. How did that happen?


Well, the Massachusetts senator had to problem finding the root of this problem.


SEN. JOHN KERRY, D-MASS.: This president has turned his back on the wellness of America.


So I wonder when Senator Kerry and all the Democrats will call this president to account.

Doesn't the government's success at providing the nation with flu vaccines give you a lot of faith about their ability to take over the entire health care system?

By the way, they didn't even have enough vaccine for the president's own children.

Great Investment!

Our Waste 101 update may help explain why the nearly $800 billion stimulus package has done nothing to solve the unemployment problem in the country.

According to ProPublica.org, President Obama's stimulus dished out $30 million to companies currently under criminal investigation for, of all things, defrauding the government. Six companies were responsible for 112 stimulus projects at military bases all around the country.

In spite of this news, an Air Force spokeswoman says the companies will not be stripped of the $30 million.

That just goes to show you can always count on the federal government to waste your money.

Hail to the… Car?

Remember when you were in school and you were expected to get to class on time, raise your hand when you wanted to be called on? Well, one elementary school in southern China is adding a strange new rule to that list.

According to The New York Times, students are being forced to salute cars that pass by them on their way to and from school. Officials there claim the rule will teach the students how to be respectful, and they also believe it will help reduce traffic accidents.

They didn't exactly specify how in the world students saluting traffic is going to help accomplish that goal.

I wonder if those officials ever heard of a little invention called the speed bump. It's a great invention.

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