'Outing' Child Predators

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Tuesday on “DaySide”

Hi all —

Before we get to plans for Tuesday's “DaySide,” a few items about Monday's show:

1. For those of you who want to follow up on the interview with the Thai ambassador and register to adopt a Thai child orphaned by the tsunami, send your letter of interest via the website for the Thai embassy (search) here in the U.S. The embassy will have the information on the site Tuesday. Click here for the embassy website, from there, go to the consular services area, then click on consular information and you will then find information on inter-country adoption.

2. As for the Texas middle school where kids were ordered to strip so teachers could search for a student's missing $10 bill, I just learned moments ago that the money has been found. It was inside the student's folder the whole time.

3. The Saudis have done it again. Blown us off at the last minute after promising to have a government official appear on our program. There are always excuses, but let's be blunt: I believe they back out because they fear I will ask hard questions about their actions in the War on Terror. My apologies to all of you who sent in e-mail comments for use in that interview. Lord knows if the Saudis will EVER actually appear on “DaySide” — I'm not holding my breath.

Okay, now to Tuesday:

There may be some follow-up to do on the CBS News (search) story, now that the network has just shown four people the door for their role in the Dan Rather Memogate scandal. House Majority Whip Roy Blunt (search) (R-Mo.) now is calling on CBS to formally retract its story on the dubious documents regarding George W. Bush's service in the Air National Guard. (CBS has not done so as of yet.)

Another story we're tracking involves a controversial website called Perverted-Justice.com (search), the people who run it say their goal is to "out" child predators who cruise chat rooms looking for victims. These amateur investigators pose as minors in general interest chat rooms, waiting for adults to engage them in conversation.

If the talk gets sexual, they lure them into giving their names and photos and phone numbers. If they verify that information, they dig up all sorts of personal details about this person and publicly humiliate him on the chat site. What do you think — are the folks at Perverted-Justice.com noble watchdogs or vigilantes?

There's also a story out of Massachusetts, where police are asking every man in the town of Truro to give a DNA sample. They're trying to solve the murder of writer Christa Worthington (search), which has gone unsolved since January 2002, when her body was found stabbed with her infant daughter clinging to her.

Officers are already collecting DNA samples in the town, but some civil libertarians are raising complaints, calling the sweep "coercive". Sweeps like this have worked in Europe. It was tried in 2003 in Louisiana, in the hunt for a serial killer — that one didn't get the suspect, but he was eventually found by other means. So what do you think?

Is asking all the men of Truro to give a swab the right thing to do — or excessive? Send comments on any or all of the above stories to me at: dayside@foxnews.com.

Oh, and thanks to Jimmie Hollis for your e-mail request: Yes, we're working on the story of a suspected link between Islamic terrorists and a street gang in Boston. Don't know if it will be ready for air by Tuesday, but it might.


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