I've discovered something that Michael Jackson (search) has in common with disgraced CEOs and bigwigs: A very warped sense of reality.

Michael Jackson's PR person says the pop star is a kind and giving man. Dennis Kozlowski's (search) PR person said the exact same thing.

Michael Jackson has given so much to charity. So did the chairman of Adelphia Communications (search).

Michael Jackson has made the world a better place through his music. Scores of Enron (search) executives say they did the same thing through their new fangled trades.

Michael Jackson talks of a tough past. Healthsouth's Richard Scrushy (search) had a tough past too.

Michael Jackson's sister said his opponents are out to get him. Bill Clinton's wife talked of a vast right-wing conspiracy doing the same to get him.

Michael Jackson says people don't see his goodness. Global Crossing's Garry Winnick said enemies never wrote about his kindness.

Michael Jackson bought lots of things – Ferris wheels too. Dennis Kozlowski bought lots of thing -- a $6,000 umbrella stand too.

Michael Jackson visited hospitals. Bernie Ebbers built wings for hospitals.

Michael Jackson settled one doozie of a headache out of court. Scores of supposedly do-good CEOs are being hauled into court. And now so too is Michael Jackson.

Different sins. Same response. Men who see themselves as good and who can't fathom how anyone could see them as bad.

Their PR was so good, even they begun to buy it.

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