Out-of-the-ordinary news from the folks at "Studio B"...

Larry Legend

Larry Bird (search) was college player of the year, a three-time MVP of the NBA, co-captain of the Dream Team, NBA coach of the year. Now Bird is helping keep criminals off the streets.

A man accused of attempted murder and robbery reaches a plea deal with prosecutors. They offered him a sentence of 30 years in prison. But the man refused, saying he'd rather spend 33 years behind bars — because 33 was Larry Bird's jersey number.

The prosecutors were happy to oblige.

'Playing Dead'

Dogs can sleep with the best of them. They can plop down just about anywhere: on the couch, on the bed, under a tree or in mid-sprint while chasing a squirrel.

The owner of an 11-pound toy poodle named Skeeter tells an Idaho paper that the dog has been diagnosed with narcolepsy. The veterinarian is pretty excited. It's rare to find such a condition in a dog. In fact, he called all his colleagues to brag about the diagnosis, as poor Skeeter has to be propped up just to eat a meal. It's a condition triggered by excitement, according to the veterinarian. So you can just imagine what happens if Skeeter sniffs another dog.


He's 75 years old. He has 14 children. And he's the authority on marriage. In fact, to him marriage is easy. He says he's done it 162 times! It's staying married that's the hard part.

A Bosnian man says he first got hitched at 15 years old when his parents made him get married to an older woman for the money. He thinks it's a feat worthy of the "Guinness Book of World Records." His longest marriages have lasted a few years, others just a week. Now he's living the single life again and already has a couple of potential "ex"-wives lined up. One former flame wants him back and he still has some appetite for punishment.

He says he wants to get married 100 more times before he finally settles down.

Drive-Thru Breakfast

They say it's the most important meal of the day. A 78-year-old Wisconsin man is taking that to heart and heading to Burger King (search) for breakfast. But he got a little ahead of himself.

You see, you're supposed to stop in the parking lot. This guy drove right through the front entrance. Not to worry. He just backed up, parked and went inside to order his food.

Police found him sitting at a table eating his breakfast. The cops say they couldn't cite him for anything because no one was hurt and the accident happened on private property. The manager declined to say what the man ordered. We hope it was good.

Bike Lessons

An avid bicyclist just finished a cross-country trip. He rode 4,000 miles through 12 U.S. states and visited three hospital emergency rooms. After doing all that he had some lessons to share.

No. 1: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you should think very carefully about what you eat if you don't know how far it is until the next rest stop.

The other lesson: "It ain't over 'til it's over." Just 200 yards short of the finish line, he ran over a squirrel. Luckily it didn't stop him — and the squirrel suffered only a sore tail.