Out-of-the-Ordinary NewsFor the Week of July 18

Out-of-the-ordinary news from the folks at "Studio B"...

Feelin' Ill Over a Bill

The meal was going so well for Elias. Elias Elias (search) — that's his name. First name — same as the last.

The 54-year-old California man had just finished munching on his food when he started munching over the bill. And then, all of the sudden, he didn't feel so good — or so everyone thought. Prosecutors say Elias Elias faked having chest pains, just to get out of paying the bill.
And, apparently, it's not the first time. They say it's the 18th time since 2003 that Elias has avoided paying for meals by faking heart attacks or other medical emergencies.

Elias just got out of jail — a 90-day sentence for stealing. He says he's feeling much better now and that he plans to pay back what he owes.

1100-Pound Loss

Fishermen off the coast of Massachusetts are in a battle that will be talked about for years in watering holes along the New England coast.

They were battling an 1100-pound tiger shark that was on the other end of a fishing pole — their hands blistering during the tug of war on the high seas. They finally dragged him on board and then back to shore. They pickled the beast and still got bit in the end — because their boat was six minutes late coming back to Oak's Bluff Harbor. So they missed out on first prize in Martha's Vineyard Monster Shark Derby (search). They say the money would have been nice, but this was about survival.

Their fellow fishermen still give the guys credit saying, "Sometimes it's not about the cash. It's about the glory."

Trunk Envy

Most guys would kill for it: being surrounded by girls — girls who think your floppy ears are just dreamy. But Groucho (search) the elephant wants nothing to do with them.

The lone male Asian elephant at the Fort Worth, Texas zoo hasn't "gotten busy" in six years. Zookeepers have done everything to try and get him to mate. So now they're bringing in a little competition — another male elephant to try and get Groucho going. The zoo says it worked with the rhinos. It's either this or "plan B" — slipping a little blue pill in with the peanuts.

Canine in Paradise

Remember "Lady and the Tramp (search)"? Two sweethearts sharing a strand of spaghetti on a milk crate outside a restaurant. Well there's a real-life lady, only she eats alone and hasn't yet found her tramp.

Missy Jo (search), a 60-pound bulldog mix, is treated to a plain cheeseburger and a vanilla shake every now and again at the Chocolate Moose in Farmland, Indiana. Her new owner has been spoiling Missy Jo for a long time — long before he actually owned her. It started when he heard the "Doggy Diva" barking while he was mowing his dad's lawn. He threw a cheeseburger over the fence to keep her quiet. He adopted her when Missy's old owners moved away.

Good catch, Missy.

Unusual Take on 'Eternal Rest'

A lot of people say that dying in their sleep would be the ideal way to go. And many folks refer to death as the "eternal rest." Well, one funeral home in Ohio takes that literally.

The chapel lays the recently deceased out in a bed. They even offer an entire bedroom setting, complete with two end tables. The owner of the home says he first tried the idea out on his beloved mother. He says it offers a less awkward, more intimate setting, adding that some are now wondering if reclining La-Z-Boy (search) chairs for the departed are next.