Out-of-the-ordinary news from the folks at "Studio B"...

The Law's the Law

When engaged in a heated argument, some people use insults, others use fists and then there are those who use their rear ends.

That's what Raymond McNealy used, mooning his neighbor and her 8-year-old daughter in Maryland. And according to his judge, that's just fine. The judge ruled that the act of mooning isn't illegal in Maryland, that the state's indecent exposure law only covers private parts and not the buttocks.

An attorney for the woman says the ruling will "bring comfort to all beach-goers and plumbers."

Pricey Pet

They say two heads are better than one. They're also a lot more expensive. And just plain ugly.

The St. Louis Aquarium is selling a two-headed albino snake on eBay. Bidding starts at $150,000. The aquarium bought the rat snake back in 1999 for $15,000.

Most two-headed snakes live only a few months. But this one survived because both heads are connected to the same stomach.

A city worker once stole the snake. But it was tough to resell because it's the only known one in the world.

Milking It

People protest a lot of things: war, harm to the environment, job cuts. But a fight over milk has turned into a one-man protest in Tennessee.

You see, Bart Hoard describes himself as a loyal Waffle House customer. But five years ago, Hoard says when he asked for some milk to put in his coffee he was told he had to pay for a full glass. He then went to a nearby market and bought a carton for himself.

Hoard says things just got worse over the years and he's been banned from Waffle Houses between Johnson City and Knoxville.

Now he's sitting in a lawn chair outside the Waffle House in Johnson City and waving a protest sign to people passing by.