Out-of-the-Ordinary NewsFor the Week of December 5

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Out-of-the-ordinary news from the folks at "Studio B"...

Lost and Found

Mike Sargent won the lottery. That was the easy part. But collecting his jackpot is requiring a whole lot of luck.

He says he won $25,000 on a scratch-off ticket at a store in a Dallas suburb. But by the time he arrived home the ticket was gone. He called a radio station asking for help and it turns out help was listening.

A man says he found the ticket a few doors down from where it was purchased. Mike is giving the guy a $2500 reward. But the ticket is so badly worn the lottery commission won't honor it until it runs forensic tests.

Mike says he hopes to have the cash by Christmas.

Painting the Town 'Green'

He got it from his aunt 50 years ago. It was just a painting hanging on the wall for a half century. It wasn't hiding a safe or anything, but apparently it's worth a fortune.

An Italian man had a guest over for dinner one night, and he had an appetite for art. He immediately noticed that this painting was an authentic Van Gogh. A Van Gogh worth about $16 million in American money!

The guy has requested to remain anonymous and will only say that the painting depicts "rural life."

Now he's living the sweet life.

Card Trick

There was something familiar about that credit card. A pizza deliveryman in Norway recognized the photo on the back of a charge card that was handed to him by a customer. It was his card — and it had been stolen the day before!

The guy processed the transaction and handed "his" card back to the customer. He says he let the thief enjoy his pizza before heading back to the shop and calling the cops. They arrested the criminal and returned the card.

Not So Dumb

There are many traditions at the oldest boarding school in America. One of them is making fun of its name.

Governor Dummer Academy was founded by Gov. William Dummer in 1763. The school, outside of Boston, is trying to put an end to the jokes. After more than two centuries the board of trustees is changing the name to The Governor's Academy. No more Dummer.

The price tag for a formerly "Dummer" education stays the same — more than $33,000 per year.