Out of the Blue

You want to know what's amazing about this country? Anything can happen in this country to anyone in this country. And apparently very quickly in this country!

Take John Edwards (search) and his big speech Wednesday night.

He’s a big star at this convention. But he was nobody at the last convention. And wasn't even in politics the convention before that.

He was a trial lawyer that quickly became a senator, in his first shot at office!

He runs for president and does pretty well. Then he gets on the ticket. Wham-bam, thank you, ‘mam! He's staring at the vice presidency!

What a country.

It makes you wonder who else we're missing. Who else in that crowd below me is a future nominee, maybe a future president?

Maybe it’s someone we've all dismissed, maybe even laughed off the stage.

As we did with Bill Clinton (search) when he went on and on in his nominating speech for Michael Dukakis in 1988.

As we did with Ronald Reagan (search) when the old warrior lost supposedly his last presidential bid for his party's nomination when Gerald Ford barely bested him in 1976.

Or when John F. Kennedy lost out on being Adlai Steveson's running mate in 1956.

Who, of the people we wrote off this year, will come back to surprise us in future years?

Will it be Howard Dean? Who knows. Here's what I know: It's generally not the person everyone is focused on. Maybe that means it's not Hillary, or that the star of future years isn't the one the convention picked this year: Barrack Obama.

Rarely do the anointed become the appointed. The future stars may indeed be somewhere in this crowd, or maybe not here at all.

They'll be the ones feted some day. Just not here, not now, not this day.

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