Our Wallets Aren't as Big as Our Hearts

Does anyone see the bigger trend going on here?

Whether it's a boy who wants to be a girl or a politician who wants to right a wrong, we end up footing the bill to accommodate.

That doesn't mean we don't feel for a confused child, or fret for an in-over-his-head homeowner.

Maybe that boy's parents feel slighted.

Maybe that homeowner feels burned.

But maybe we are over-reacting when we feel guilty.

And we build unisex bathrooms to accommodate the rare boy who wants to be a girl.

Or bailout the distinct "minority" of homeowners who want to be made whole.

Life is about choices.

What we are. What we wear. Where we live.

Our choices. Sometimes tough choices.

Nobody else's choices.

The great thing about living in a free country is we're free to be anything we want.

But we are not free to force others to accommodate anything we want.

We have every right to expect people to be decent and understanding.

Most Americans are.

We have no right to force people to pay for those choices.

Because most Americans can't.

The fact is, our wallets aren't nearly as big as our hearts.

There is no room for being cruel in this country.

But there is no money to accommodate every disparate demand in this country.

Because keep pushing the latter, and pretty soon, you won't have a country.

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