Our Primary Focus On Primary Day

Still leaking, still spewing, still scaring.

As Peggy Noonan so eloquently put it, "You actually don't get deadlier as a metaphor for the moment than the monster that lives deep beneath the sea."

And this Gulf leak is a monster; a menacing, endlessly percolating, uncontrollable monster. A monster that British Petroleum can't stop, the Coast Guard can't stop, the president of the United States can't stop, no one can stop. It just keeps spewing, even as the president promises a little ass kicking.

And throughout it all, this live video just keeps playing; real time, all the time. And for those who look at it, the same thing every time: It's winning, we're not. And folks everywhere watching it, always wondering: Surely, it will stop — but it doesn't. Surely, it will slow — but it won't. Surely, we'll make progress — but we don't.

Katrina was far worse in human terms, and in human suffering. But by this point, even with Katrina, we saw progress. No such progress here. Hints here — but actually, worse here.

And the proof here, from a spill cam that tells no lies — even in the face of politicians who promise no slack. Their words are promising; this single haunting image is not. They blather, it bubbles. They speak, it spews.

No matter the brave Coast Guard admiral, or the bedeviled Gulf governors. The bedeviling live image of a leak that won't stop, and a global television audience that can't look away — that's what makes this a crisis so tough to hide.

It's there, for the whole world to see — our primary focus this primary day, whether your state's having a primary or not.

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