Everyone knows the world economy is on fire and all the leaders are trying to come up with something big to fix it.

But here's the one thing: The problem is the solution.

This morning, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown met with President Obama to propose a global "New Deal," suggesting that a comprehensive solution is needed to save the world from deep and prolonged recession.

That's bull crap.

This isn't about stopping a recession. It's about (in the immortal words of Rahm Emanuel) never letting a serious crisis go to waste.

Those who dream of us all living in peace and harmony in one sunshine and lollipop global community see this economic crisis as their opening. And gang, I can no longer look you in the eye and say it will never happen.

Think about it like this: Every day, Obama is out there talking about just how bad the economy is. Remember, they told us that if we didn't give the government hundreds of billions right away, the whole thing could collapse overnight.

But if that's true, then let me ask you a question: Why is an issue like global warming so high on the president's agenda?

The new budget contains a cap-and-trade program that is supposed to limit carbon-dioxide emissions. But if it performs anywhere near as well as the one in Europe has, it will likely limit nothing except corporate profits and economic growth. The Marshall Institute estimates this program will result in GDP losses from 0.3 percent up to 3 percent below business as usual projections in 2015.

Didn't everyone freak out at just how bad our last quarter was? Well, guess what? That was a loss of just 1.5 percent — half of what this idiotic cap-and-trade program could cost us.

So, why is it there? Well, remember the one thing: the solution is the problem.

The answer to why we're talking about global warming now is contained right there in its name: global warming.

Global warming fits perfectly with a global New Deal because they're both focused on solving everyone's problems all at once, while also ensuring that America takes on a majority of the world's burden.

But what they don't tell you is that "global" solutions are never the answer. Our problems will never be fixed from the top down, they can only be solved from the bottom up.

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