Our Legal Panel on NASA's Release of the 'Astro-Nut' E-Mails

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HEATHER NAUERT, CO-HOST: Tonight, we're learning a whole lot more about the relationship between two former astronauts and the female Air Force captain who completed the bizarre love triangle. NASA has just released more than 200 pages worth of e-mails exchanged between Lisa Nowak and her love interest beau Bill Oefelein. We're also getting a look at the e-mails that the man sent to another woman, the one that Lisa Nowak is accused of attacking.

Her name is Colleen Shipman, exactly one month before the airport incident that landed Nowak in jail, she wrote her favorite space shuttle pilot, "If you want to fly sometime, let me know." He writes back, days are pretty booked but we pick an evening and head out and grab a bite to eat." —It seems innocent enough.

JOHN GIBSON, CO-HOST: His messages to Colleen Shipman are a bit juicier. Less than a week before the incident, Oefelein wrote to Shipman, "They want your size for the arctic gear. I think I can figure that out — sized sexy.

P.S. Due to noise requirements, I have asked Gina to get us a room at Captain Hook Hotel. Usually, I stay with my parents on these trips but we need some privacy."

So, what do these e-mails indicate about the relationship between the two astronauts and how will they impact Nowak's trial which starts in April?

With us now, our legal team, FOX's Kimberly Guilfoyle, host of "The Lineup" and criminal defense attorney, Mercedes Colwin. So, Kimberly, the hot stuff is coming out. And...

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, "THE LINEUP" HOST: I love the hot stuff! Let me tell you. I mean, everyone thought like you know, astronauts are so boring. I don't think so. Naughty in space! Oh no you didn't!

NAUERT: Especially at the "Captain Hook" Hotel! I mean, the whole thing...

GUILFOYLE: I mean, who said that astronauts were nerds? They were wrong, wrong, wrong!

GIBSON: Mercedes, how does this help Lisa Nowak in her trial?

MERCEDES COLWIN, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: I mean, certainly, it provides a vehicle. She obviously lost her mind over this triangle that she knew nothing about. She is trying to spend time in private with her, but think, he obviously has another girlfriend. So it gives an out!

Someone, her defense attorney has to explain, why did she flip out? This is a brilliant woman. She is the chief, she officially the tenth astronaut since NASA's inception, she is one of ten in its inception in 40 somewhat years and suddenly she goes and has this mental breakdown? It gives her the excuse.

GUILFOYLE: Well, it sounds like she was in a relationship for herself because obviously he has the hot for Colleen Shipman, OK? But he doesn't seem like he's "hot and bothered" for poor little Lisa Nowak. Maybe, he didn't like the dirty diaper issue where she was wearing all this time...

NAUERT: That was a turn off.

GUILFOYLE: ...Always trying to get the defense, if you're turn to hook up on a Friday night.

GIBSON: When you look at these e-mails, does it leave to the flip out scenario?

GUILFOYLE: It does. Someone has to explain why did this woman have this breakdown? If they look at e-mails, he is - Oefelein is playing these two women. Be sensible, be a man. And say ,you know? We're not — I'm not going to be dating two women from my employer, please.

COLWIN: What guys don't do that, all right?


NAUERT: Hold on, one second, NASA didn't reveal all of the e-mails. They actually held back the dirty ones. Why did NASA hold back the hot ones?

GUILFOYLE: It's not exactly good for their image. You know what I'm saying? We all grow up like "Lost in Space" and this type and they want to add credibility to their organization.

NAUERT: There was a Freedom of Information request, and that's why they had to release these e-mails.

GUILFOYLE: They are saying they are too personal in nature. They don't need the extra baggage with having their image go down the drain with things that are far too salacious. So, they're going to hold back some and let go of some. And I think they're just doing it because it makes them look bad.

GIBSON: Wait a minute. I mean, if you're defending her and NASA is holding back the hot stuff, do they get to do that or the lawyer going to be able to pry those things loose.

COLWIN: No, I think the argument will be we want those. Because there is a credibility issue. We want these jurors to see — this is what Oefelein was like, this was Shipman was like. Look what they're doing on their employer's time. This is what they're doing in —

GIBSON: Do I detect the "men are pigs defense" here?

COLWIN: Oh, that's going to come out. You know, frankly, that's going to come out of all of this. I'm sure John. They're going to use Oefelein as a scapegoat because certainly, it gives her a better image.

GUILFOYLE: The defense is mad. Because obviously, there is a huge gap here because what made her go you know, "cuckoo for cocoa puffs" in five seconds flat. She had a couple of nice little nuts with his e-mails. Then next month, she is driving in diapers with the knife and the whole crazy on. She doesn't want to stop and not even go to the drive-thru at Burger King. I mean, obviously she lost her mind and there was no indication of it before.

NAUERT: Well, there is a lot we don't know, because a 72-page statement from her to police was suppressed. So, there is a lot we may never find out.

GIBSON: Mercedes Colwin and Kimberly Guilfoyle, thank you very much. Be sure to watch Kimberly's show "Lineup" this Sunday at 10:00 p.m. eastern for Drew Peterson's voice analysis, plus one of his attorneys will be on the show live, and that's always a show. Don't miss a moment.

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