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Be careful when people tell you they're behind you "all the way."

Remember George McGovern back in 1972, saying he was behind his first running mate Thomas Eagleton, a "thousand percent."

A public outcry over Eagleton's medical past changed all that. And wouldn't you know, old Tom wasn't to be found on that Democratic ticket by the fall.  Richard Nixon ended up winning in a landslide regardless.

Now switch to current day. The Financial Times reporting that Hewlett-Packard directors are "100 percent behind Carly Fiorina."

Yeah, right.

Carly, if you're watching, start packing, because you're about to get sacked. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But soon, very soon.  Because when they start digging up people to say they're behind you, they're worried about you.

The kicker is, it's probably not your doing, Carly.

You can't control a global slowdown or a price war that has HP looking more like H-PU!  That's not your doing. That's the world's doing. The only difference is, it's doing you in.

One can argue you should have cut your PC losses earlier and just canned the business. But that's not my point here, Carly. Surmising your suddenly shaky future at the company is.

The bottom line, Carly, is the bottom line. And you aren’t delivering.  The natives are restless and the shareholders are anxious.  And they all say, you're clueless. I don't think you are.  But who cares. You're a marked woman.

Sure your friends are saying they're with you, a lot of them picked you.  But be afraid, Carly, because they're now about to turn on you. Just as they're saying they love you.

Life is cruel. But take heart, Carly. Your severance package probably won't be.

Good luck.

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