You've probably heard me comment on bad customer service. I want to tell you now about bad customers, or at least one bad customer.

I was at this restaurant and at the table next to me was a very large group apparently headed up by a very loud guy. He looked like the one paying. And boy, doesn't he let the others know it.

The first thing that brought him to my attention was his snapping fingers. He did it constantly.

He snapped his fingers for more water.

He snapped his fingers for more bread.

He snapped his fingers to let the waiter know he wasn't coming fast enough when he did snap his fingers.

And he yelled.

He yelled about the drink that was flat.

He yelled about the salt and pepper that were missing and someone stealing his fork.

His waiters seemed harried.

This guy seemed a big cheese. I'm ashamed to say I didn't know him.

But I'm not ashamed to say I didn't care.

He was rude and obnoxious, condescending and tacky.

Trust me the service wasn't stellar at this place, but it wasn't awful and it didn't warrant what this knucklehead did next.

He didn't leave a tip -- any tip. And he made it clear to all at the table and all at the restaurant that he wasn't leaving a tip, even though several in his group said the food was delicious.

Yet the maitre d’ fawned and even the other waiters trembled, as if their very lives depended on not ticking off this ogre too much.

I like to think I have high standards for service too... but I also understand crowded restaurants and overwrought help. And I also like to think we're human beings first and asses a distant second.

This guy proved me wrong.

Service is something we have to work on in this country. Being nice is something we have to work on too. And that goes for "both" sides of the counter.

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