Mark your %&.! calendars — the Ozzy Osbourne (search) clan will be back Jan. 17 with the final season of their reality show, MTV announced Thursday.

"The Osbournes" (search) chronicles the lives of goth-rock star Ozzy, his wife, Sharon, and two of their children — daughter Kelly and son Jack. They first allowed MTV cameras into their Beverly Hills, Calif., home in 2002.

The hit TV series showcases the offbeat antics of the family as Ozzy and Sharon deal with the complexities of running a household — usually with a slew of obscenities.

"After three years, the MTV cameras became part of the family, documenting what is possibly the most dramatic year we have had," Sharon Osbourne said in a statement. "Though it was rough sometimes, we are truly blessed to have had this amazing experience."

The show will wrap up with 10 new episodes, MTV said.

"Since we began our journey with the Osbournes we have been through serious subjects like Sharon's cancer, Jack's rehab, Ozzy's life-threatening ATV accident and more humorous subjects like Ozzy's dental visits, the Osbournes' planning a family vacation, and more dog drama then I can remember," said MTV executive Lois Curren.