Operation Falcon

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Today we are posting the video from our "ride along" with the U.S. Marshals (search). The U.S. Marshals picked up about 10,000 wanted on warrants. The operation went on for about 10 days. The operation was called Operation Falcon (search). We went with them one night of the operation and that is what the video shows.

If you are receiving the blog by e-mail — and not logging on to www.gretawire.com — you might want to go to the Web site and view the video. I have also posted a couple pictures today (including one random one taken on Laura Ingle's camera at the Jackson trial that she e-mailed me late yesterday. She sent me the pic but neglected to tell me the name of the talented photographer who hit the button on her new "point and shoot" camera.)

By the time you get this, we will be "on the road." We are taking the show to Florida on Friday night. I hope you watch. Since I had to get up early to catch a flight, the "heavy lifting" on the blog is done by you, the e-mailers. Here are your e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Hi Greta,
I live in N.J. and six years ago when I bought my home we were given a "Megan's Law" document in our closing paperwork along with the Web site to check if there were any sexual predators living in our neighborhood. I was told by our closing attorney that it is the law that this information be disclosed to us via the local Police Department — that never happened ... no shock there. I looked up the information myself via online on an N.J. site and was relieved to see that the "few" that were listed lived in other counties. Although I'm not convinced that this information is updated and accurate, I am relieved to know the information is available.
Thanks for great shows overnight.
Pt. Pleasant, NJ

E-mail No. 2

Watch your show every night; I have a problem: I tried to download child predicators in my area and they say on the Internet, my community has eight listed as child predictors, how are you going to find out who they are if you have to pay to download this info? I really thought something that important would be available free to any family. Your thoughts on this subject; maybe I am not going to the right Web site.
Any info on this subject?

E-mail No. 3

States like Florida say they cannot afford monitoring devices like ankle bracelets, why don’t they ask parents to pay for this? As a parent I would more then happy to sponsor a sex offender. If lawmakers are not willing to lock these people up for life then we as parents have to do something to protect our children!
Russ M.
Woodstock, GA

E-mail No. 4

Dear Greta,
My daughter is going through a divorce and has twin three-year-olds, a boy and little girl. She moved into a trailer on the property of her aunt and uncle and lived there for about a year. Only after she moved out did she find out there was a sexual predator or offender living right across the street from her. Do you know how horrifying this was to find out? As a parent and grandparent? And now she has since moved and found out now there is one about three blocks down the street from her. No one warned her about these monsters. If you could only stick a sign in their yard saying "beware sexual predator" or "offender." What are we to do? More and more children are being molested or stolen right from their own homes. It has to stop!
But what can we do as parents, citizens and grandparents?
Yours truly,
B. P.
Pensacola, FL

E-mail No. 5

Did you know that universities allow registered sex offenders to live in dorms? At Western Michigan University, there are and they even live in dorms that are co-ed by suite. Talk about scare tactics!

E-mail No. 6

I think that all sex predators should have a GPS installed under their skin. This way we can tell where they are at all times. It may be very expensive but it's well worth it for the sake of our children and others. I also think that the offenders should pay for the implant they all have jobs.

E-mail No. 7 — daily e-mail from Laura Ingle in the Michael Jackson (search) courtroom:

Subject: Laura note

The accuser's mom is back on the witness stand and back in action in this legal theater called the Michael Jackson trial.

As reported yesterday, the mother had a pretty dramatic flair to her as she excitedly tells jurors about the times she was with Michael Jackson with her children. She imitated licking her arm like a cat, (when asked to detail the alleged head licking of her son) talked to jurors directly, and has been sobbing and breaking down. Today, she has talked more about the way Jackson's people followed her, trailed her, tailed her, watched her and monitored her phone calls. She contends, and prosecutors agree, she was intimidated by Jackson's people, and strong-armed into making a rebuttal video to counter the "Living with Michael Jackson" documentary. She has shouted into the mic when she remembers the time frame. One example: She said she wanted to leave Neverland and the company of Jackson's people, then yelped, "Let me go!" When she was asked about Jackson's people wanting to take her to Brazil until the whole documentary thing settled down, she said she didn't want to go, but they were going to make her. She said her son needed to stay in U.S. to be near doctors for his cancer and she had a boyfriend. Prosecutor Ron Zonen: "Why didn't you want to go?” Mom: "Because... I had waited a lifetime to find someone to give a Valentine to and I didn't want to leave." She began to sob. She told jurors, there were "killers" and "Germans" after her — some members of Jackson's security detail were German.

Jurors have seemed to have difficulty staying with her testimony, as it's been a bit rambling at times.

Michael came in today wearing a fancy red armband. I was sitting with another reporter, and at the break, we were trying to figure out what the design was on the band. She turned around and said to us, "It's Asian" then turned back around. Important note to reporters: Everyone can hear you in the courtroom!

And finally, there have been many fans here from all over the world, but a few "hard core" fans here daily. The main one is a guy named B.J. from Tennessee. Heard today he has finally run out of funds and will have to go home. He got here on a Greyhound bus. No word on if that's how he'll leave. He has been the loudest and proudest fan outside the courthouse gate for the "King of Pop."

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