Opera About Global Warming Will Cause More Global Warming

So an Italian composer is working on an opera based on "An Inconvenient Truth," Al Gore's movie about how awesome he is.

The composer says the opera will be about "the tragedy of the present situation." I can only think he's referring to Al's ever widening carbon footprints.

The only thing I can imagine that's worse than opera is one of these screeching monstrosities being based on one of the most factually incoherent films ever made about a fat guy.

I mean, "An Inconvenient Truth" makes "Fred Clause" look like "John Adams."

I only hope Gore has a starring role, playing planet Earth or perhaps Pluto -- which makes more sense because it's lifeless.

Here's my prediction: An opera about the hot air behind global warming will only cause more global warming. It's what my roommate Scott calls a self-fulfilling prophecy, usually when referring to the rashes he gets after we wrestle.

I mean, imagine all the private jets needed to fly all the elitist celebrity environmentalists in from L.A., including, of course, the documentary's producer Laurie David. Bless her, even though she condemns SUV users, she also knows you should never fly commercial to Italy.

But with an opera based on Gore’s billowing nonsense, I can only ask: What's next?

I look forward to a ballet on the filibusters of Governor Bill Richardson. Or perhaps a musical based on Larry Craig's airport romances. It seems a natural fit for tap-dancers.

If you disagree with me, then perhaps I was wrong. But I doubt it. You suck!

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