Only in America

I'll never forget one time being at this restaurant and the service was lousy. I mean really lousy.

It took forever for us to get our drinks and when we did, they were horrible. One person never got her appetizer. Another's soup was cold. And when the main course did arrive, one of the orders was screwed up.

My friend's steak came with a potato. He had wanted the vegetable special. The waitress had the nerve to shoot back, "I'm going to have to charge you extra for that." And this, after waiting more than 90 minutes to get served in the first place!

But you know something, I think this waiter would be at home working on an airline -- almost any airline. A lot of them treat their customers like crap too.

And yet, there they are in Washington today looking for more money from taxpayers. The very taxpayers, whose fannies they're crushing like sardines into over-packed planes and whose appetites can't and won't be whetted with food fare that barely qualifies as food at all -- even that junk isn't included now.

American Airlines is going even further. It's cutting back on free meals and lodging for stranded passengers. It's also capping how much it offers passengers to voluntarily give up their seats on overbooked flights.

They're stiffing frequent fliers, stopping free cans of soda and raising fees on everything from heavy luggage, to heavy passengers.

And now they want more money?

Only in America can you be a lousy waitress or waiter and think the world owes you something for your bad attitude. Or a lousy airline and think we owe you something for just being bad.

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