One of Those Days

Dear Viewers,

Many of you know that I read and answer e-mails myself. I have not done so for two days because every time I try and access the show e-mail, the show e-mail mailbox either refuses to open for me, or it simply crashes my computer. This has been going on for almost 48 hours and, of course, I have a "guilty conscience." I always think when a computer problem arises that it is because of something I did. I am sometimes impatient when there is a problem and shut the computers down quickly to reboot etc. and always worry that this creates or adds to the computer problem.

By 9 p.m. last night, we thought the show e-mail account/computer problem was fixed. But right before the show, I tried to access our show e-mail and crashed the computer on the set. (Incidentally, this was computer No. 3 that I had crashed yesterday!) I had someone try and fix the computer during commercials. It was a nightmare for him since he had only about two minutes before the stage manager ordered him off the set because we were about to go back on the air. This went on through several commercial breaks.

We had "some" success about one third of the way through the show. This meant that I could grab some e-mails from you to answer for our video streaming that we do after the show. (Click on the text to the right in the video box and hear the e-mails and answers) Needless to say, it is a bit distracting trying to do the show and work on the set computer during commercials.

I have no idea how many of your e-mails, if any, have been lost.  I do read the e-mails from you, and answer many, so I am disappointed if we have lost some. Incidentally, as I write this blog, I still am not able to access the show e-mails but I am told that the problem will be fixed soon.

In some ways I think I was "jinxed" yesterday. After the show, I left the set to return to my office to get my car keys to drive home. My office — to my great surprise — was filled with furniture and plants. We are getting new carpeting in our bureau and the carpeting people (who work after hours) used my office — since my door was open while I was on the set — to put all the furniture in from the area they were re-carpeting.

I leave for the set about 9 p.m. and never saw the carpeting people before I left. At 11:25 p.m. I had to literally crawl over the top of file cabinets and turned upside down furniture to get to my car keys. How was your day?


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