A Toronto dad furious with his daughter after she ran away for two days and refused to dump her boyfriend took her punishment way too far…he allegedly attempted to run over her with his minivan! The car struck the girl, as well as her boyfriend and the girl’s brother-in-law. He was charged with three counts of attempted murder, and will receive the law’s version of harsh punishment if he’s found guilty.

A demanding British thief stole a trailer and returned it soon after, paying her victim something of an “interest” fee! Inside the trailer, Ray Butcher was surprised to find discarded junk, including a kitchen sink and old children’s toys, as well as a note from the trailer bandit asking for her victim to dump the debris. The note included an apology for the inconvenience she caused him, and included a number to call so she could pay the dumping fees. Butcher said that the number on the note led to a voicemail recording of a woman named Tanya.

Though it should have been a no-brainer, a Colorado woman recently proved that poodles are ineffective tools in window breaking. Kathie Mercado must have been furious at her sister’s mother-in-law for something! Mercado threw the woman’s poodle at a window twice, and when it still did not break, she switched successfully to a hammer. After breaking several of the mother-in-law’s windows, she moved across the street to allegedly break the windows of a supposedly uninvolved neighbor. When the mother-in-law tried to stop her, Mercado allegedly hit her over the head with a hammer and continued her rampage. Some brave neighbors soon tackled her to the ground, but she’ll face charges of cruelty to animals and criminal mischief for causing more than $1,000 in damages.

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