An explosion ripped through a McDonald's restaurant in central China, killing one person and injuring 27 others, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Sunday.

Xinhua said the explosion Saturday evening in Xi'an, a city popular with tourists, was caused by a "man-made device," but gave no motive for the attack. It said an investigation was underway.

Guns are banned in China, but explosives are widely available and are often used for revenge attacks and murder. They are acquired from construction sites, mines, quarries and other industries.

On Friday, a series of 23 explosions killed five people and injured seven others in the cities of Zhanjiang and Jiangmen in southern Guangdong province.

Police identified the bomber as Lin Guojian, who was killed in one of the blasts, Xinhua said.

Police said Lin was seeking revenge against his former brother-in-law, Wang Qixin, for divorcing his sister. He placed explosives in the home of Wang, his parents and sister, as well as other enemies, Xinhua said.